Back to School Favorites

Well, it’s official. I went back to school on Wednesday and I’m not quote sure how I feel about it. All summer I’ve basically lived at work so it’s  not like I’ve had any real downtime but school is a completely different ballpark. Getting stuff to go back to school this year wasn’t as big of a production as it usually is. Instead of buying mass amounts clothing items and products i don’t really need on impulse alone, I stocked up on the items that I knew worked for me and it seemed to save me a lot of time and money. Going back to school is definitely expensive and time consuming, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you guys!


Basic T-Shirts

If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know I love love love a basic t-shirt. It can be dressed up or dressed down, it just works for me, and it’ll definitely work for you. Ideally, I look for pieces that can work for me whether I’m at school or at work. To wear to work, I just need to dress it up with some jewelry or a jacket. When I’m at school, I can basically do the same thing, or dress it down with leggings and a baseball cap. Versatile pieces for the win, people.

BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals Palette

This one was actually more of an impulse buy, but a practical impulse buy if that sort of thing exists. I love a good neutral palette because I can do natural every day makeup for school and work or if I’m going out with friends for the night I can easily make a more dramatic look happen. I work at a Charming Charlie and we recently started selling BH Cosmetics and ELF products, and let me tell you, I had been contemplating buying this palette since I unboxed it in processing. The palette comes with 21 neutral eyeshadows and 5 neutral blush colors. The color pay off and quality is pretty decent considering it was in the $22 price range. I’ve used it every day since purchasing and I have absolutely no complaints so far. As a college student, as much as I would love to constantly be buying makeup it definitely isn’t feasible with my budget between paying bills, eating, and buying textbooks, so I definitely recommend the palette for all my college girls and even my high school girls trying not to break the bank.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser

I happened to stumble on to this product by chance a few months back when all of the products I had been using religiously had suddenly failed on me. I was having all kinds of allergic reactions, my skin was becoming ridiculously dry, and I was having acne breakouts like no other. I was no stranger to allergic reactions before then so I always kept some Aveeno body wash on hand at all times. When I was looking to repurchase the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser at my local Target I found this Aveeno cleanser for a lot cheeper and decided to give it a go. Since using it I haven’t had any serious breakouts, my skin feels fresh and clean when I use it in the morning and at night and when I’m feeling really lazy I’ll use it as a makeup remover. But get this — It gets virtually all the makeup off my face with just one wash. I’d definitely

Amazon Book Rentals

Okay, so this isn’t really a product per se, but it is definitely a favorite of mine for back to school. Textbooks are outrageously overpriced and I’d rather spend my coins on fun stuff, TBH. Amazon has the cheapest textbook rental prices from what I’ve seen so far in my three years of college. I just bought textbooks today and only paid $37 for the two textbooks I needed. Not bad, not bad at all. All you have to do is send them back at the end of the semester in December which is completely fine with me because In the past I’ve spent $50 on a textbook and gotten $5 back on resale price, which is depressing in itself.

Well guys, these are my back to school favorites! What are your must haves for back to school?

Philadelphia Recap

Hey Dolls! Long time, no blog once again (insert eyeball here). I literally just got back from a week in Philadelphia with my family, as those of you who follow me on Snapchat know. Though I documented everything on Snapchat I did save some of the snaps to share on the blog of my adventures (and many misadventures) I had in The City of Brotherly Love.



Though it wasn’t my first time in Philadelphia it was my first time being legal in Philadelphia so that made things a lot more fun.



Also, if you follow my Snapchat y’all know I like to eat…


Let’s also not forget dessert, and our froyo dates, our four year old twin cousins                              Image-1-64Image-1-3


I also got to see the other half of my family. Excuse our bumness, we were about to leave for our 11 hour drive back to Savannah!



I always love traveling and I especially love going to Philadelphia to see my family, but I always LOVE coming back home to my own space! The trip was great and I hope I have more time to travel before schools starts back up! Do you guys have any travel plans for the summer? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Until Next Time!

Being Your Best “You”

Guys..let’s just say I’ve been in a slump. Creatively, mentally, emotionally…I’ve just been completely stuck in Slumpsville. Eventually though, I finally had a conversation with myself and said “Self, what are you doing girl?” …Yes those were my exact words to myself. I got to thinking about what exactly I need to do to be my best me and get back to regularly scheduled programming and so far it’s definitely worked.

Check Your Circle Ever come home from a night out with friends and just feel completely drained? Ever had a friend call you and you find yourself feeling a sense of dread so you just let the phone ring? Yeah been there. Sometimes our “friends” weigh us down with their problems and struggles and you just have to step back and have some time to yourself.

Do Something You Love Whether it’s blogging, painting, running, whatever it is, go out there and do it girl

Don’t Look Back on “Could Haves” I read something the other day and it really spoke to me. “Don’t ask God to restore a relationship that almost destroyed you”. This being said, often when we find ourselves in a slump we look back on past events, past relationships and you remember the good times but you don’t remember the reality of the situation. Don’t look back, always look forward.

Embrace Change Change can be a good thing. Often just by changing around a room, purging your wardrobe, or changing your hair color can provide a fresh outlook and motivate you to be the best you that well, you can be.

Explore Meditation It’s really that simple. Just taking a few quiet moments to yourself either in the morning or at night can do wonders. If you feel like you can’t focus to meditate (like me) try a guided meditation app. The app I use is called Calm and it even helps me sleep at night with the Sleep Stories feature in the app. I highly recommend it to all my iPhone users.

Those are my tips for being your best you. What do you guys do to get out of a slump?

Until Next Time!

Monday Motivation

Guys…I have to tell you guys, I’m in some serious need of some Monday Motivation. I figured if I write this post, I might actually get my brain moving.

Let’s start the post with how exactly I got here shall we?

So normally I’m the type of gal that loves mornings, loves Mondays…as much as any normally functioning person can I suppose. I love the feeling that a new week brings. However…this weekend my two friends and myself decided to have a little much needed girls getaway. I say much needed because these are my childhood friends and since we’re growing up, we have school, jobs, we’ve moved to new cities…when the opportunity arose for us to get together, we jumped on it.


Yup…I’d rather be sitting on the beach, drink in hand, with these surprisingly very uncomfortable rocks than writing this paper.


There was a lot of greasy fast food, a lot of shopping, and a lot of liquor. This being said, a detox is necessary. Actually, thinking about the detox is kind of inspiring me as we speak to get back on track with my better eating habits.

See how that worked out? My brain is working, gears are moving, I’ve motivated myself and now hopefully I can motivate you. Try to start this week, and every week there after with setting a goal. It can be a small goal just for this week, or a small goal with other small goals following leading up to crushing a big, overall goal. Let’s get our shit together, plan out our weeks, be productive and just kill it. I’m always reminding myself that I have to work hard, to play hard. How do you guys keep it together during the week? I’d love to hear because my life can get kind of crazy and advice is always appreciated.

Until Next Time, Guys! Happy Monday!

I Love You Carrie But…Samantha Jones is Goals

Sex and the City is freaking i-con-NIC. Carrie Bradshaw was (and still is) what every woman aspires to be. Smart, amazing closet, amazing man, with an amazing fairy tale ending. I get it, Sex and the City is basically “Carrie’s Story”…but what about her friends, Miranda, Charlotte, and of course Samantha Jones who were also apart of her story while having their own stories chronicled too. Yes, Carrie is great, but Carrie Bradshaw lied.


For one, running around New York City in stilettos…definite no go. It’s also not so easy to meet men, you’ll be perfectly fine if you spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes instead of bills, and actually making a respectable living as a freelance writer in New York City…definitely not probable. Let’s instead step into the more so “realistic” side of Sex and the City that is the absolutely fabulous Samantha Jones.

She wasn’t afraid to be herself

One reason that we should all strive to be Samanthas and not Carries is simply due to the fact that she was completely fearless when it came to being her true self. Samantha was unapologetically honest and if it made her a “bitch”…well then so be it.

“I love you, but I love me more”

Samantha also wasn’t afraid to put herself first. When she finally found true love with Smith Jared and she found came to the realization that though she loved him, she loved herself and her freedom more. When she met Richard but Richard did her wrong and he finally said those three little words she had wanted to hear…she left us with this gem:


“If I worried about what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I would never leave the house.”

Though I personally hate the use of the “B-Word” while being used to reference other women, I do admire Ms. Jones for this one. She doesn’t take shit from anybody especially about her sex life. In a world where girls often fall victim to the double standard and are slut shamed for it, a Samantha Jones mentality is much needed. Sex is great, and girls and guys shouldn’t be held to certain standards or whatever you’d like to call it because of how many people they’ve decided to do the do with.

Samantha helped inspire my choice to pursue a career in PR

This reason is more so a personal reason as to why I’d rather be a Samantha than a Carrie, but Sam helped spark my interest in a career in PR.

Samantha wasn’t afraid to work hard to get what she wanted. Especially when people underestimated her. She was a successful #GirlBoss that made her way in the PR industry and wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the big boys (figuratively and literally) when it came to getting shit done.


So…do you still wanna be a Carrie? No worries, this is a no judgement zone because let’s be honest, all of the SATC ladies are just great in their own way. Who’s your favorite SATC character? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Until Next Time!

Girl Talk: God’s Timing…?

Before anyone says anything, yes I know “God’s timing is always perfect. He’s always on time.” Yet…waiting on God to get ready to do his things is a little well…it blows.

This past weekend I led youth group with my girls and because I was curious, I started a conversation about prayer. I asked what types of things they pray for and how they go about praying, as well as how heir friends, and they felt about prayer. I got some pretty typical answers from teenagers: good grades, and their families. Recently, thoughts of my future and future relationship have been plaguing my thoughts. I allowed the girls to ask me the same questions, to which I responded I pray for my career, understanding, and my future husband. The girls giggled when I responded and asked me why I pray for those things. My answer was this: it gets pretty damn frustrating.

“What Am I Doing??”

At the age I’m at where I’m doing everything I can and what I’m seemingly “supposed” to do e.g. pursing a degree, attending church nearly every time the doors are open, etc., it can also feel as if you’re doing nothing at all if you’re not moving and succeeding at the rate you’d expected to. What I’ve learned through this frustrating process is sometimes you literally have to take an L to bounce back. It may be a couple of L’s actually…but the point of taking them is to take the time to evaluate what you are doing and what exactly you aren’t doing. It’s so easy to get so caught up in the couple of things you’re doing right that you overlook areas that you could improve on to make yourself a better individual.

Are you taking advantage of being single?

Are you doing your best at your current job?

Don’t Ask For More, Prepare For More

If you aren’t doing those things, then why are you so eager to have more when you’re not effectively handling the hand you’ve been dealt? In the words of Ashley D., don’t ask for more prepare for more. If you don’t put any work or effort in to your situation how do you expect to handle more. if you’re not putting any work into being content alone in your singleness, have love and respect for yourself, or on issues you have…how do you expect to deal with and be there for a whole other person, which is what comes along with being in a relationship? If you’re not willing to put in the hours to do what your job description entails, then how do you expect to handle the workload and succeed in another position at a higher level? Patience is necessary, though the waiting period isn’t the ideal place for anyone to be in, it’s God’s way of preparing us for more. In regards to relationships, or really anything else for that matter, I came across a quote from Stephanie May Wilson which reads; “We’ll never know what God might have for us if we’re too busy fighting for a relationship that isn’t fighting for us right back. Sometimes the best things can happen when we unclench our fists and bravely let them go. Because only then can we receive the better “yes” God is just waiting to give us.”

Don’t Rush Through Your Waiting Period

Though you’re preparing yourself for more, you can’t allow yourself to get ahead of your season. Though it’s inevitable that you will think about the future, you have to allow yourself to leave everything in God’s hands and shift your thoughts back to reality. Face your reality head on and while you wait you cannot just wait. It’s like wanting  to plant a garden. If you want product, if you want to see the fruits of your labor, you have to work. You can’t just sit around and expect things to fall into your lap because God and the universe do not owe anyone anything.

God Will Provide

We also often ask ourselves, our peers, and God why bad things happen to us. We often work ourselves up over things that we know good and well God is going to handle and lead us to the right answer or decision about, and for what? Lack of sleep. We’ve all been there before. Personally I believe that bad things happen because God allows them to so we know that He is in control and He is capable of fixing them.

That’s it for Girl Talk for now. As always follow my social media handles and leave comments below if you feel ever so inclined.

Until Next Time!

January 2017 Playlist

Well y’all…January is FINALLY here! There are so many things that January brings with it. For many, the idea of making a change and a fresh start in the new year is exciting all in itself. For me however, it means celebrating yet another year of life…and what’s more exciting than reaching yet another milestone birthday, my 21st! Considering this, is there any better way to celebrate than with music? Of course not. So here I am sharing my January 2017 playlist with you guys!



So y’all, that’s my January 2017 playlist! Did you guys catch on to the slight birthday theme? I’m always looking for new music to jam so please send me what’s on y’alls playlists!