Prepped For College: Apartment Inspo

Hey y’all! Welcome back. For the latest installment in my Prepped for College series, I’m showing you guys some of my apartment decor inspo. This year instead of living in traditional dorms on campus I will be moving in to a four bedroom townhouse (also on campus), complete with kitchen, living/common area, and two shared bathrooms. Obviously, I’m using this new living arrangement to purchase some newer decor items I’ve had my eye on for awhile and just overall change up the color scheme of my dorm rooms past, while still incorporating items I already have and can still get some use out of.


The color scheme I’m aiming for consists of whites, golds, greys, and blues. As much as I love white though, I can’t commit to a white bedding set because I eat in my bed entirely too much!

Image via


I love the idea of twinkle lights around the mirror I feel like it adds an extra sense of coziness plus, who doesn’t like extra lighting?

Image via


Totally in love with these labels free printable labels, definitely see myself getting these to place on clear containers for the kitchen.

Image via


Also totally in love with the idea of DIY canvases since I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects with the group of girls I work with in my church (life update blog post coming soon). I can see myself trying to achieve something similar to this.

Image via

Gallery-Wall-13Going along with the concept of wall decor, a gallery wall is something that I’ve also wanted to do in my apartment either in the living room or my own bedroom, either way I will most definitely be doing this somehow.

Image via

Well guys, I’d honestly be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited to move back to school and get out of my mom’s house (sorry mom!). There’s just nothing like having your own space and being able to control what you do and where you live on a daily basis. Move in day for me is August 7th and I can’t wait to finally meet my roommates in person and get to decorating!



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