4 Things My Ex Taught Me

Let’s face it: breakups are hard. They’re especially hard when the relationship lasted a significant amount of time. One thing I’ve learned after experiencing a breakup is too look for the positives. After all, you did actually like this person at some point. After spending nearly two years together this is what I learned from my ex.

Let’s be honest: My ex? A complete jackass. He cheated, lied repeatedly, often disregarded or tried to downplay my feelings, even took his “best friend” out of town to see fricken’ Beyoncé…which led to my current aversion to listening to Bey.

So…What is it exactly that makes a breakup so damn hard?

I’m definitely no relationship expert, but I think breakups are so hard because as I mentioned earlier…you actually liked or even loved this person at some point. At some point you maybe made plans for the future, involving your careers, even possibly thoughts of marriage and kids. When that relationship ends, everything you’ve worked towards building…all of your hopes and dreams, they’re gone too.

I bet at this point you’re wondering after explaining my latest breakup, how I could possibly find anything positive to share. Well…here it is; the four things my breakup taught me.

Never Let Someone Make You Feel Inferior

No matter who it is, what they do, or what they can do no one should ever make you feel inferior. Your thoughts, opinions, and feelings are completely relevant. Don’t you dare let him call you crazy for feeling the way you feel. Everyone is entitled to have their own feelings.

Date Someone that Pushes You to Be Your Best You

Let me put this bluntly: girl, there is more to life than laying up with ya man. Your goals? Your education? What happened to those? Get you someone that encourages you to pursue those things. And if they get pissy with you about the time you must invest into those things? Well…


Look at me…getting over my Beyoncé aversion…one GIF at a time.

It’s Okay To Be Afraid

I’m the type of person that really feared the unknown. My ex taught me that it’s normal, even healthy to be afraid. The trick is don’t let fear of the unknown keep you for living your life.

Balance Is Necessary

This one is really self explanatory. You can’t let your life revolve around one person, no matter how much you love them. After all, when they leave who’s there to keep you together? Your family? The friends you neglected? No. Just yourself.



4 thoughts on “4 Things My Ex Taught Me

  1. I really liked this post. Even though I’ve never been in a breakup (or even a relationship ha!), it prepared me to keep a positive mindset for when things go south.


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