How I Chose My Major: Why Public Relations

It goes without saying, college is a very exciting, yet scary time in our lives. After all, most of us are only eighteen. Just a few months ago our moms were yelling at us to do our laundry, how can we be expected to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives at just eighteen years old? Unfortunately, many people do feel this way and get very overwhelmed and discouraged because they aren’t the lucky ones. They haven’t made a plan and usually don’t know where to start when it comes to making one. Because this is so very relevant, I decided to tell my own story of how I chose my major.

“What’s Your Major?”

This is a question often asked and answered on college campuses, because someone’s major can say a lot about their personalities. My major is Mass Communications but I have a concentration in Public Relations.

“…What’s That?”

When I tell people what my major is, I often get very amused and confused (hehe that rhymes) looks because many people truly either don’t know what Mass Communications, Public Relations, or both are. Seeking build a career in Public Relations is much different than building a career in say, law or education. Public Relations encompasses a very wide range of career choices. Social media, print, radio, and film most prominently make up Public Relations because the goal in Public Relations is to show a person, brand, business, or organization in a favorable light. Whatever medium or means you have to use to do that is what you use, so you have to get creative.

“Why Public Relations?”

Ultimately I chose to major in PR because it makes me feel good. I enjoy working at my internship, I enjoy the spontaneity that the field requires. I also most importantly feel that everyone, every brand, every organization has a story that deserves to be told and to be apart of telling that story is incredibly special. Many people say that whatever they want to do with their lives they want to either help people or enjoy what they do, ideally both. For me, I get to do both.


So guys, I hope this gave you some insight as to how I chose my major and why. I really hope it helps you who are still undecided choose a major in a field that you feel you’ll enjoy working in as much as I love working in Public Relations.


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