What’s In My School Bag: Prepped For College Series

Now that school is in session (or soon to be in session) and summer will soon be a thing of the past, it’s time for sleeping in to become sleep deprivation and the all nighters we pulled taking adventures with friends to turn into all nighters spent with coffee, notebooks and textbooks. Personally, I’m a procrastinator and I’m constantly in search of things to provide inspiration and keep me motivated to get things done. One way I like to keep motivated and inspired is to watch “What’s In My….” videos on YouTube because they weirdly make me want to keep myself organized. I started classes last week so  I decided to do a blog post around what I keep in my school bag.

What’s In My School Bag?

I have my classes every other day, meaning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to certain classes and the classes I don’t go to on those days I go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I start my days at 8 AM and I’m usually finished with classes by early afternoon. I pack my bag according to what my schedule looks like for the day so what I keep in my bag does change but for the most part what’s included on the list are my essentials and they never leave my bag.

The notebooks I keep in my bag are based on what classes I have that day. I have a different notebook for each class. I take 12 credit hours, so I am a full time student taking four 3 credit classes.


This essential I found I needed my first semester of living on campus. Before moving into my dorm, I always used to carry a purse out of habit, but living on campus I felt it unnecessary to carry my purse if I was just going to the student union to get Starbucks or just running to Wal-Mart. Though I don’t live on campus anymore, the same principle still applies…sometimes you just don’t want to carry a purse, ya know? So one day when I was in Target picking up some things before a trip to Disney World I saw a wristlet that had an ID slot, some room for money, credit cards, and my phone and ever since, I’ve been using it. Recently I’ve upgraded to a wallet with a wristlet slot (which is also big enough to keep my phone in coincidentally) because it looks more professional and put together I keep it inside my school bag when I’m out too and it holds some cash, my debit card, credit card, driver’s license and student ID and I can attach and detach my keys if I need to!

Make Up Bag
This essential you can pretty much find in every girl’s bag. I’ll make a more detailed post on my emergency kit essentials in the very near future.

My “Oh S**t!” Bag

In life we often have moments that just make us say “oh s**t!”. Nine times out of ten we don’t know when we’re going to have these moments so we all need a bag with all the emergency essentials. Be on the look out for a more detailed post on this as well!

Pencil Case
I like to keep some mechanical pencils, highlighters and pens in a pencil bag so I can keep up with the, and so they don’t get thrown all over my bag and explode all over everything.

Phone Charger (Cord and Adapter)
I always like to have an adapter and cord for my phone, separate from the phone charger that I keep in my room plugged up next to my bed just in case I need to plug my phone into a wall outlet or my power bank dies. I have a separate cord and adapter than the one I keep in my room for two reasons, the first being that I’m notorious for loosing phone chargers and the second being that iPhone chargers aren’t always the most dependable.


I always keep my planner in my bag because I like to write down to-do lists for the day, assignments and work related events and bookings at any given time. Depending on the demand, I may put it in my phone first but it will always also be written down in my planner. I prefer to have what I like to call a “big girl” planner because they give off a sophisticated look and feel and it makes me more inclined to look at it and use it. Even though I may sound basic, my favorite planners are from Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade. Another brand I’m starting to warm up to is ban.do. They have some really cute designs, they’re functional and they’re affordable!


For me headphones are an absolute necessity. I usually have my bluetooth headset on me that I can use to play music and answer phone calls or just the basic Apple headphones that came with my phone

So guys, this is what I keep in my school bag on a daily basis, at least the majority of the time. What are your school bag essentials?


6 thoughts on “What’s In My School Bag: Prepped For College Series

  1. I always have to keep snacks in my bag. Last semester especially. I would leave my house at 9 AM and not return from work sometimes until 12:30 AM, so those were extremely important


  2. Oh I love watching ‘what’s in my…’ Videos too…. Could you post pics of the wristlets you mentioned, I’d like to get some inspiration it seems like a really great way to manage money and ID around campus!


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