College Morning Routine

I’m a morning person…that fails at mornings. Not all the time, just some of the time. Either I oversleep, I get distracted, or I just don’t feel inspired to wake up and slay the day sometimes. Monday through Friday my classes start at 9 AM so I usually leave the house around the same time of day. However, when I am on my actual routine and totally ready to conquer whatever the day has for me, this is my morning routine.

6:45 – Alarm Goes Off

I absolutely love iOS 10’s Bedtime feature that determines what time you need to go to bed to get the desired hours of sleep you want, and gently wakes you up at your desired time. My reasoning for my alarm going off this early when I don’t have class until late morning is extensive. The main reason for my doing so is to start the process of waking myself up so I can actually get up at or around 7.

7:00 – Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Caffeine is always needed and wanted in the morning. Self explanatory. I also always watch the news or some cartoons (on a good day) and work on either homework or blog ideas. I also check out what I’m doing for the day and plan my day out in my planner.

8:00 – Slay the Day

I start getting ready for school (teeth brushed, faced washed, getting dressed, doing makeup, you know the deal). I’ve kind of figured out if I don’t start by 8:30…I’m going to be late, no question. I also wish I was one of those people that could get everything ready the night before, but when I do, especially regarding my outfit choice I tend to change my mind the next day!

8:45 – Let’s Hit the Road! 

I usually  try to leave the house within the 8 o’clock hour. I’m out the door and in the car, headed for class. Most of the time in an effort not to be late for class, I’m eating breakfast in my car.

Thanks for reading! This is my current morning routine for school! Are you a morning person? What’s your favorite part of your routine? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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