Monthly Goals: September 2016

Hey guys! It feels like long time no blog!  School started for me about three weeks ago and let me tell you, it’s been crazy hard and crazy stressful being back in school, still working with the girls I mentor, starting a new project in my church and of course trying to stay some what sane. I feel like I kind of have a grip on everything now so I’m back and better than ever! Since the month of September is riiiiight around the corner (two days including today, the 30th), I thought I’d start outlining and sharing my goals for the month with you guys. Personally I feel like it’s important to have goals as an individual whether it be personal goals or goals for your business or brand, which for me both go together  simultaneously, because I am my brand for all intents and purposes. To quote Raven Elyse “Every month, you should level up”, and that’s exactly what I want for myself.

Goal One: When In Doubt, Plan It Out

I’ve gone by this saying for so long in my life but lately I’ve kind of gone in whatever direction I may feel like going in on any particular day. I’ve also remembered in doing just that, that it doesn’t work for the type of person I am and my lifestyle. I’ve come to acknowledge and accept that I’m not much of a spur of the moment type person, though I can usually pull such spur of the moment tasks off, so I’m back to square one: planning. Whether it be for the activities I want the girls I mentor to participate in, school, or anything else, I have to plan when I have the opportunity.

Goal Two: Get More Active on my Social Media Platforms

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know I have Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Unfortunately I’m only really significantly active on Snapchat showcasing all of my daily shenanigans, and for some reason lately my Twitter app won’t let me tweet my own tweets most of the time and just let me be great. Yes, I know I could always “tweet from my computer” but like, who does that? It’s just awk, ya know? But I really want to get back to my Instagram feed and my on again, off again love for Pinterest and grow my following more so on Instagram.

(Find all my social media handles here!)

Goal Three: Drink More Water

I’m pretty sure everyone has, or has had this goal at one point or another. Honestly I go through phases where I drink nothing but water and my body and skin thank me immensely. Then I have phases where I need to have some sort of carbonation in my life in the forms of Schweppes Ginger Ale and Diet Coke (sparkling water won’t do). Let’s hope we can get through the month with more water than the latter, shall we?

Goal Four: Produce Better Content (On A Schedule!)

I love my blog. I love coming up with new blog post ideas, I love coming up with design concepts, I love watching my stats increase, I love interacting with the people that actually took the time to see what I had to say. That being said, I want to get on a more consistent schedule of posting new and better blog content. Right now I’m looking at posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are the days that my classes start the latest and I have all morning basically to write. As always I want to hear what you guys want to see up on the blog because you’re who I write content for. Feel free to put post ideas in the comments or on any of my social media platforms.

These are my goals for September guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish them!



My Current Skincare Routine

Hey y’all! I’m back with another post, this time writing about my current skincare routine. I know you guys just want to hear all about my dysfunctional skin right? Fab. Let’s get into it.

As a teenager I really had issues with my skin between breakouts and acne scarring from said breakouts. As I got older my skin did in fact clear up but once I hit college (especially since I’ve hit 20), the breakouts came back in the worst way possible. For the most part I have dry, combination skin and the real problems come into play in the winter and summer months with flakiness or oiliness. For years I’ve been experimenting with different products trying to find the right combination for my specific skin type and I think I’ve finally found the key.

 Makeup Removal

Let’s face it guys, I love makeup. I love doing my makeup, getting my makeup done, doing other people’s makeup, long story short, I’m a makeup junkie. Needless to say, when I come home it’s safe to assume that I have a full face of makeup on that sadly, has to come off. To do this used to be a drag and I used to do whatever I could to make the processes as short, easy…basically as lazy as possible. Makeup wipes didn’t do the job because they didn’t remove all my  makeup, makeup remover didn’t either. What I’ve found that works for me is starting with the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, rinsing with cold water to start removing the makeup on my face then follow up with my favorite holy grail multiuse product, coconut oil. I then leave the oil on my face for a few minutes and then go in with a warm washcloth to remove the remnants of the makeup.


This step of my skin care routine I didn’t really know what to call, to be honest. I didn’t want to include it with makeup removal because this step I do when my face is completely makeup free. Awhile back I had received the Clinique Three Step Skin Care Set for Dry Skin as a gift and even though I loved it, sometimes using everything together left my skin feeling extra dry and flakey. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking — not a good look. So instead, I pick and chose which products to incorporate in my every day routine and which to use every once in a blue moon. For the sake of this routine though, I use the Clinique Step 2 Clarifying Lotion to pick up any dead skin and I like how refreshing it makes my skin feel.


Yes! This is probably my favorite part of my skin care routine because it just makes me feel so good. Usually I exfoliate once a month for my body, twice a month for my face. However in the summer months I do this a little more frequently depending on how I’m feeling because more skin is exposed (duh). To do this, I use a hand made sugar scrub made with coconut oil and lavender essential oil.


Here it is again, coconut oil. You guys are probably going to get really tired of hearing me talk about this, but it’s just that great. Since using it, my skin has never felt more clean or soft and it’s cleared up the majority of the acne scarring I have on my face.

That’s it for my skin care routine, I try to keep everything very simplistic ’cause…who has the time for a long, complicated skin care routine? What are some of your skin care essentials? Let me know in the comments!


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What’s In My School Bag: Prepped For College Series

Now that school is in session (or soon to be in session) and summer will soon be a thing of the past, it’s time for sleeping in to become sleep deprivation and the all nighters we pulled taking adventures with friends to turn into all nighters spent with coffee, notebooks and textbooks. Personally, I’m a procrastinator and I’m constantly in search of things to provide inspiration and keep me motivated to get things done. One way I like to keep motivated and inspired is to watch “What’s In My….” videos on YouTube because they weirdly make me want to keep myself organized. I started classes last week so  I decided to do a blog post around what I keep in my school bag.

What’s In My School Bag?

I have my classes every other day, meaning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to certain classes and the classes I don’t go to on those days I go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I start my days at 8 AM and I’m usually finished with classes by early afternoon. I pack my bag according to what my schedule looks like for the day so what I keep in my bag does change but for the most part what’s included on the list are my essentials and they never leave my bag.

The notebooks I keep in my bag are based on what classes I have that day. I have a different notebook for each class. I take 12 credit hours, so I am a full time student taking four 3 credit classes.


This essential I found I needed my first semester of living on campus. Before moving into my dorm, I always used to carry a purse out of habit, but living on campus I felt it unnecessary to carry my purse if I was just going to the student union to get Starbucks or just running to Wal-Mart. Though I don’t live on campus anymore, the same principle still applies…sometimes you just don’t want to carry a purse, ya know? So one day when I was in Target picking up some things before a trip to Disney World I saw a wristlet that had an ID slot, some room for money, credit cards, and my phone and ever since, I’ve been using it. Recently I’ve upgraded to a wallet with a wristlet slot (which is also big enough to keep my phone in coincidentally) because it looks more professional and put together I keep it inside my school bag when I’m out too and it holds some cash, my debit card, credit card, driver’s license and student ID and I can attach and detach my keys if I need to!

Make Up Bag
This essential you can pretty much find in every girl’s bag. I’ll make a more detailed post on my emergency kit essentials in the very near future.

My “Oh S**t!” Bag

In life we often have moments that just make us say “oh s**t!”. Nine times out of ten we don’t know when we’re going to have these moments so we all need a bag with all the emergency essentials. Be on the look out for a more detailed post on this as well!

Pencil Case
I like to keep some mechanical pencils, highlighters and pens in a pencil bag so I can keep up with the, and so they don’t get thrown all over my bag and explode all over everything.

Phone Charger (Cord and Adapter)
I always like to have an adapter and cord for my phone, separate from the phone charger that I keep in my room plugged up next to my bed just in case I need to plug my phone into a wall outlet or my power bank dies. I have a separate cord and adapter than the one I keep in my room for two reasons, the first being that I’m notorious for loosing phone chargers and the second being that iPhone chargers aren’t always the most dependable.


I always keep my planner in my bag because I like to write down to-do lists for the day, assignments and work related events and bookings at any given time. Depending on the demand, I may put it in my phone first but it will always also be written down in my planner. I prefer to have what I like to call a “big girl” planner because they give off a sophisticated look and feel and it makes me more inclined to look at it and use it. Even though I may sound basic, my favorite planners are from Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade. Another brand I’m starting to warm up to is They have some really cute designs, they’re functional and they’re affordable!


For me headphones are an absolute necessity. I usually have my bluetooth headset on me that I can use to play music and answer phone calls or just the basic Apple headphones that came with my phone

So guys, this is what I keep in my school bag on a daily basis, at least the majority of the time. What are your school bag essentials?

How I Chose My Major: Why Public Relations

It goes without saying, college is a very exciting, yet scary time in our lives. After all, most of us are only eighteen. Just a few months ago our moms were yelling at us to do our laundry, how can we be expected to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives at just eighteen years old? Unfortunately, many people do feel this way and get very overwhelmed and discouraged because they aren’t the lucky ones. They haven’t made a plan and usually don’t know where to start when it comes to making one. Because this is so very relevant, I decided to tell my own story of how I chose my major.

“What’s Your Major?”

This is a question often asked and answered on college campuses, because someone’s major can say a lot about their personalities. My major is Mass Communications but I have a concentration in Public Relations.

“…What’s That?”

When I tell people what my major is, I often get very amused and confused (hehe that rhymes) looks because many people truly either don’t know what Mass Communications, Public Relations, or both are. Seeking build a career in Public Relations is much different than building a career in say, law or education. Public Relations encompasses a very wide range of career choices. Social media, print, radio, and film most prominently make up Public Relations because the goal in Public Relations is to show a person, brand, business, or organization in a favorable light. Whatever medium or means you have to use to do that is what you use, so you have to get creative.

“Why Public Relations?”

Ultimately I chose to major in PR because it makes me feel good. I enjoy working at my internship, I enjoy the spontaneity that the field requires. I also most importantly feel that everyone, every brand, every organization has a story that deserves to be told and to be apart of telling that story is incredibly special. Many people say that whatever they want to do with their lives they want to either help people or enjoy what they do, ideally both. For me, I get to do both.


So guys, I hope this gave you some insight as to how I chose my major and why. I really hope it helps you who are still undecided choose a major in a field that you feel you’ll enjoy working in as much as I love working in Public Relations.

10 Things I Learned From Lauren Conrad

As many of us know, today is the 10th Anniversary of my favorite reality show of all time, The Hills. If you don’t know…well where the heck have you been for the past decade?! I was ten going on eleven years old when the show first aired, and Lauren Conrad was (and still is) life goals. Her style was impeccable, she was classy, she landed her dream internship in the industry she now works and is quite successful in, overall she’s the closest thing to perfection I can think of. After all, she is part of the reason I’m a Public Relations major. I know what you’re all thinking, “Lauren was a Fashion major, how do you get Public Relations out of Fashion?” Well I did in fact want to be a Fashion major at age ten but as I got older I realized that fashion wasn’t primarily where I wanted to put my focus on and I found through Lauren’s ventures that there are other aspects of the industry that are equally as important and give flexibility that working in fashion sometimes can’t give you. However, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of one of the most iconic reality shows of all time, MTV is having an all day marathon of The Hills. However, I decided to list off ten of the many life lessons Lauren Conrad has taught me over the past ten years.

Don’t Be The Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris

Yes, any one familiar with the show knows that Lisa Love offered Lauren the chance of a lifetime to spend a summer in PARIS of all places interning for Teen Vogue. Anyone would jump at the chance, no questions asked for crying out loud, yet Lauren elected to spend the summer with her then boyfriend, Jason (insert eye roll). Though we may not all get the chance at this same opportunity, Paris is a metaphor for any opportunity that may arise that could open new doors for us personally or professionally. Long story short don’t let anyone, let alone any guy keep you from going to your Paris. Bottom line.

It’s Okay to Outgrow Your Friends

The friends we thought we’d always have, might not work in with the plan we have for our lives and our personal journey. Don’t be afraid to grow.

“Sometimes no matter how much you like a guy, they’re no good for you”

Many of us have been there. Sometimes we are so infatuated with a guy, when in fact they are no good for us. We often pick ourselves apart trying to find what is wrong with us, and refuse to admit that they just aren’t the one. If you find yourself in this situation…run fast.

 Our Mistakes Sometimes Teach Us The Most Invaluable Lessons

Mistakes are sometimes our best teachers. No matter how bad it seems, always look for the positives and learn from it.

Love Isn’t A Maybe Thing

You’ll know when it’s the real thing. If you question it, you haven’t found it.

You Have to Believe There Are People Out There Who Really Want The Best For You 

In life, you can’t get stuck on who treats you badly, who hurts you…whatever. You have to believe that there’s better out there.

You can never make the same mistake twice

This being said, once you make a mistake, you can never make that mistake twice, because you know what will happen. After the first mistake, you chose to make the choice to repeat it.

 Forgive and Forget

Sometimes as people we often overthink situations and make them worse. Sometimes the best thing to do is to forgive yourself, forgive others, and move on.

“I’d rather have a few true friends than a lot of fake crappy ones.”

This speaks for itself. Quality over quantity.

“As soon as you stop thinking about them they’ll send you a text, because they know you stopped thinking about them. It’s like radar.”

This isn’t really a lesson, but everyone’s been there. It’s truth. Listen and believe.



4 Things My Ex Taught Me

Let’s face it: breakups are hard. They’re especially hard when the relationship lasted a significant amount of time. One thing I’ve learned after experiencing a breakup is too look for the positives. After all, you did actually like this person at some point. After spending nearly two years together this is what I learned from my ex.

Let’s be honest: My ex? A complete jackass. He cheated, lied repeatedly, often disregarded or tried to downplay my feelings, even took his “best friend” out of town to see fricken’ Beyoncé…which led to my current aversion to listening to Bey.

So…What is it exactly that makes a breakup so damn hard?

I’m definitely no relationship expert, but I think breakups are so hard because as I mentioned earlier…you actually liked or even loved this person at some point. At some point you maybe made plans for the future, involving your careers, even possibly thoughts of marriage and kids. When that relationship ends, everything you’ve worked towards building…all of your hopes and dreams, they’re gone too.

I bet at this point you’re wondering after explaining my latest breakup, how I could possibly find anything positive to share. Well…here it is; the four things my breakup taught me.

Never Let Someone Make You Feel Inferior

No matter who it is, what they do, or what they can do no one should ever make you feel inferior. Your thoughts, opinions, and feelings are completely relevant. Don’t you dare let him call you crazy for feeling the way you feel. Everyone is entitled to have their own feelings.

Date Someone that Pushes You to Be Your Best You

Let me put this bluntly: girl, there is more to life than laying up with ya man. Your goals? Your education? What happened to those? Get you someone that encourages you to pursue those things. And if they get pissy with you about the time you must invest into those things? Well…


Look at me…getting over my Beyoncé aversion…one GIF at a time.

It’s Okay To Be Afraid

I’m the type of person that really feared the unknown. My ex taught me that it’s normal, even healthy to be afraid. The trick is don’t let fear of the unknown keep you for living your life.

Balance Is Necessary

This one is really self explanatory. You can’t let your life revolve around one person, no matter how much you love them. After all, when they leave who’s there to keep you together? Your family? The friends you neglected? No. Just yourself.


Prepped For College: Apartment Inspo

Hey y’all! Welcome back. For the latest installment in my Prepped for College series, I’m showing you guys some of my apartment decor inspo. This year instead of living in traditional dorms on campus I will be moving in to a four bedroom townhouse (also on campus), complete with kitchen, living/common area, and two shared bathrooms. Obviously, I’m using this new living arrangement to purchase some newer decor items I’ve had my eye on for awhile and just overall change up the color scheme of my dorm rooms past, while still incorporating items I already have and can still get some use out of.


The color scheme I’m aiming for consists of whites, golds, greys, and blues. As much as I love white though, I can’t commit to a white bedding set because I eat in my bed entirely too much!

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I love the idea of twinkle lights around the mirror I feel like it adds an extra sense of coziness plus, who doesn’t like extra lighting?

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Totally in love with these labels free printable labels, definitely see myself getting these to place on clear containers for the kitchen.

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Also totally in love with the idea of DIY canvases since I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects with the group of girls I work with in my church (life update blog post coming soon). I can see myself trying to achieve something similar to this.

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Gallery-Wall-13Going along with the concept of wall decor, a gallery wall is something that I’ve also wanted to do in my apartment either in the living room or my own bedroom, either way I will most definitely be doing this somehow.

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Well guys, I’d honestly be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited to move back to school and get out of my mom’s house (sorry mom!). There’s just nothing like having your own space and being able to control what you do and where you live on a daily basis. Move in day for me is August 7th and I can’t wait to finally meet my roommates in person and get to decorating!